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Propelled by our desire for an always connected experience, the Internet of Things (IoT) – Internet-enabled devices embedded with microcontrollers and wireless technology, that allows ordinary objects to be connected to the internet, where they can communicate with other ordinary objects and the cloud – is already changing the way consumers are able to control their surroundings.

Control Technology

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Corridor Mode is typically used in corridors, stairwells and entrance halls.

It is a simple function, available with cutting edge LED drivers, that controls the light level when presence is detected by a simple mains on/off sensor.

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Daylight Harvesting
To take full advantage of daylight integration, buildings should have automated controls that either turn off or dim artificial lighting in response to the available daylight in the space.


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There are simple control systems such as: switch, single push button, dimmer, timer and there are smart, automated control systems.


Through the use of presence and/or daylight harvesting sensors, you can realize immediate energy savings on the lighting energy bills. Proper lighting controls may also be able to decrease maintenance costs or … to increase comfort.

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Scene Setting and Light Management
The major advantage of a lighting management system is the ability to control individual lights or groups of lights. This ability allows complex lighting scenes to be created.


Light Management controls the right light, in the right amount, at the right place, at the right time.

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LIGHTperMETER gives you the option of setting the colour temperature of white light to any value between 2700° Kelvin and 6500° Kelvin.


It is advisable to use WHITE | 2 | WHITE controls with adjustable colour temperature, if product ranges are often changed.

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