Corridor | Cove and Contour | Day and arTificial light | gallery application and inspiration | vertical and curves

Wall washing can make spaces such as corridors or narrow rooms appear more spacious.


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False Ceilings

Common cove designs:
– Ceiling illumination from perimeter cove at top of wall
– Ceiling illumination from a center cover
– Wall illumination from a perimeter cove at edge of ceiling
– Radius application

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Daylight and artificial light








Daylighting is going mainstream, and daylight harvesting – the energy-saving lighting control strategy that makes daylighting more sustainable – is beginning to catch up. With lighting accounting for approximately 30% of all energy consumed in modern buildings, daylight harvesting can significantly lower energy costs by providing illumination while allowing electric lighting to be automatically dimmed or switched off.

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Vertical & Curves
A cost effective, sustainable, soundly engineered solution for your project. LIGHTperMETER can also sucessfully be used curved and circular apps.


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